What are the advantages of swing gate turnstile?


Swing gate turnstile turnstile are generally called scissor gates in the rail transit industry, and are also called speed-through gates in many foreign countries. The blocking body (gate wing) is generally a fan-shaped plane, perpendicular to the ground, and the blocking and release are realized by stretching and contracting. The material of the arresting body is usually plexiglass, toughened glass, and some also use special flexible materials outsourced with metal plates (to reduce the injury of pedestrians).

1. The operation stability of the swing gate turnstile is high; the design of the swing gate turnstile is relatively reliable, there is no great noise in operation, and it is actually durable. Very practical.

2. The swing gate turnstile effectively improves the convenience of passage; the automatic door of the swing gate turnstile runs fast, which is more convenient for the smoothness of passage. Ensure the safety of personnel entering and exiting.

3. The gate design of the swing gate turnstile is novel and practical; The gate of the swing gate turnstile adopts a silent design, no matter whether it is a pedestrian passing through or opening and running, there is no sound, which saves space noise for the surrounding environment. 4.

The durability of the swing gate turnstile is superb; the features of the swing gate turnstile such as cold protection and sun protection are all reflected in the design technology. The digital infrared rays used can prevent the phenomenon of rushing in and avoid the crowded situation caused by too many people passing at one time. 5.

The swing gate turnstile has a new intelligent design; the fully automatic information programming of the swing gate turnstile effectively saves manpower and the use of materials, and improves the safety identification system.

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