What are the advantages of intelligent access gates, how to choose?


Intelligent access gates mainly include swing gates, wing gates, tripod gates, and turnstiles; depending on the function and shape of the gates, the actual environment of use is different. Three-roller turnstiles are used in pedestrian passages, mainly to prevent tailgating. At the gates of scenic spots and parks, they can prevent missing tickets and control the flow of people.

Wing gates are widely used in subways and commercial office buildings to manage pedestrian entrances and exits through smart card authorization. Swing gates are widely used in libraries and are suitable for wide channel access control. Using smart card technology, radio frequency electronic tag (RFID) technology, access control, and alarm output, the humanized and intelligent entrance and exit control can be realized, and the problem of personnel access and exit management in the community can be solved.

Intelligent access gates are mainly used to control people's travel, and are used in places with a large flow of people such as office buildings, subways, factories, and tourist attractions. The advantages of intelligent access gates are mainly reflected in three aspects: 1. The anti-tailgating function channel has a common infrared light band detection area.

The switch state can be adjusted by software according to the customer's precision requirements, and the application of the light band to meet different needs can effectively determine unauthorized tailgators. When the system determines that tailgating occurs, the system will react according to the position of the valid authorized person returned by the infrared detector. After the door opening signal is sent out, there are still some abnormal uses that will trigger the alarm system.

The smart channel adopts the all-in-one card technology and is managed with a smart card, which is convenient, fast and efficient, and can be used in combination with parking lot management, access control and attendance, and smart consumption. 2. Affordable and cost-effective The intelligent channel gate equipment is not complicated, easy to construct and install, the electrical circuit is relatively simple, easy to maintain, and the cost is low.

Using network management technology, the system keeps updating and upgrading. 3. Easy to use and high traffic speed.

The access gate adopts intelligent authorization to control the passage. When you walk to the gate, you can pass through after identification. The response speed is fast and there is no need to wait.

The channel turnstiles are flexible, open and close quickly, and the speed of personnel passing is very fast. The working principle of channel gate products: 1. Turn on the power, and the system will enter the working state after 3 seconds; 2.

When the recognizer recognizes a valid authorization, the beeper will emit a pleasant sound, prompting pedestrians to read the card successfully; at the same time, it will also judge and process the information read from the authorization, and send an application to the main control board to pass through the wing gate Signal; 3. The main control board receives the signal from the identifier and the infrared sensor, and after comprehensive processing, sends an effective control signal to the direction indicator and the motor, so that the direction indicator sign turns into a green arrow pass sign. At this time, if the system is normally closed In the mode, the motor runs, the limit switch controls the motor rotation angle, the gate opens (the motor does not operate in the normally open mode), and pedestrians are allowed to pass; 4.

When pedestrians pass through the wing gate channel according to the direction indicator signs, the infrared sensor senses the whole process of pedestrians passing through the channel, and continues to send signals to the main control board until pedestrians have completely passed through the channel; 5. If pedestrians forget to identify or read invalid authorization to enter the passage, the system will prohibit pedestrians from passing (for normally open mode, the gate will be closed; normally closed mode, the gate will not operate), and will issue an alarm until the pedestrian exits the wing gate passage , the alarm is released; re-read the valid authorization to allow passage.

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