What are the advantages of intelligent access gates?


With the development of the economy, people's demand for travel safety is also increasing, and the safety and convenience of the pedestrian access gate system make it more and more widely used. At present, related systems are in use in residential areas, campuses, construction sites, stations, and office buildings. The advantages of intelligent humanoid channel gates are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1.

Simple and easy to use The operating status of the equipment can be programmed online through the dial on the control board. 2. Highly integrated card reading equipment is generally equipped with integrated access control, which is convenient and simple to connect and use, and other reading head equipment systems can also be used.

3. Fault self-inspection and alarm prompt Real-time fault self-inspection and alarm prompt to ensure the safe operation of the system and facilitate maintenance and use. 4.

Voice prompt function The voice prompt function prevents illegal entry or irregular passage of personnel. The unique voice function will give a harmonious prompt voice when the user is passing normally, making the user feel more cordial; at the same time, it can also be activated when the user has irregular behavior. Prompt users to regulate their own behavior, so that the traffic can be carried out in an orderly manner, and at the same time save manpower for the user.

5. Powerful self-inspection function Powerful self-inspection function: the equipment is in the fault monitoring state at any time, with good error reporting function, friendly human-computer interaction, and convenient and rapid maintenance. 6.

Good anti-collision function Good anti-collision function: When the turnstile is in the state of opening and closing, when an object hits it, the turnstile will detect the object and stop immediately, and turn back in the opposite direction. 7. Automatic homing function With the auto homing function, in the normally closed mode, after the passing process is over, the swing arm will automatically return to the blocking zero position.

8. Automatic reset function With the automatic reset function, after the legal passage signal is given, if no one passes within the specified passage time, the system will automatically return the swing arm to the blocking original position, cancel this passage, and will not count. 9.

Anti-tailgating function With the anti-tailgating function, the infrared detector detects the traffic conditions of pedestrians, and the system will automatically alarm after detecting the phenomenon of tailgating. 10. Configure the fire alarm interface Configure the fire alarm interface.

When the system receives the fire alarm signal, the gate will automatically open and be in the free pass mode.

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