What are the advantages of installing speed gates in office buildings?


1. The speed is fast, the opening time of the mold quick-opening gate is 0.3-0.

5 seconds, and the speed of swiping the card is very fast. 2. The speed of opening the gate can be adjusted, and it is properly adjusted according to the length of the swing arm.

The longer the swing arm, the slower the speed, and vice versa. The width of the speed gate channel generally does not exceed 0.9 meters.

3. Intelligent memory, under the condition of many people and congestion, the brushless mold speed gate has a memory function, and many people swipe the card, the speed gate will be opened repeatedly to ensure smooth passage, save time, not crash, and do not swipe the card to pass the turnstile Active alarm or shutdown. 4.

Intelligent discrimination. Generally, the swing gate relies on infrared pass to judge whether the gate is closed. When passing people, set the intelligent discrimination.

The timing of the gate depends on whether the pedestrian has passed through the gate, including whether the luggage has completely exited the gate. Or open the gate to ensure the safety of pedestrians. 5.

Appearance. The mold speed gate is made of high-quality Lvhe stainless steel plate by laser stamping. The shape is beautiful and elegant, rust-proof and durable.

After the surface treatment, the texture is more lustrous and the texture is uniform. The anti-fingerprint treatment is more high-end, which makes people more valuable. is to enjoy.

6. Interface. Standard electrical interface is selected for the brushless speed gate of the mold, which is generally a relay signal or a pulse signal.

It can easily integrate card readers such as magnetic cards, barcode cards, ID cards, and IC cards on the device to form a one-card management system. . 7.

Self-inspection. Each mold brushless speed gate has a number, and the factory has active inspection records, how long the operation time, the maximum load capacity of electronic components, overheating, resistance, voltage, and current maximum value is overrun And so on, strictly implement the self-test procedure. 8.

Permissions. The brushless speed gate has an automatic reset function. After the gate is opened, if the gate does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically revoke the user's permission to pass this time.

The standard is to automatically reset within 5 seconds after opening. 9. Anti-following.

When the cardholder passes by swiping the card, the gate will be automatically closed after passing the anti-pinch point. If there is no card swiping behind, the door will be rejected. Sound and light alarm function.

Illegal intrusion and follow-up alarm.

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