What are the advantages and disadvantages of swing gate turnstile?


Among all access control gates, swing gate turnstiles have always been the first choice of many customers and friends. The swing gate turnstile has unique advantages, such as beautiful appearance, fast passing speed, and it is also a very significant gate for personnel verification. In many places, swing gate turnstiles are essential.

Advantages of swing gate turnstile: 1. The traffic speed is faster than the three-roller gate. 2.

The channel width is between the tripod gate and the sswing gate turnstile, generally between 550mm-900mm. 3. The appearance is more beautiful, and the material of the swing gate turnstile is more abundant.

4. In an emergency, the gate wings will quickly retract into the box, which can easily form a barrier-free passage, increase the passing speed, and facilitate the evacuation of pedestrians. Of course, the swing gate turnstile is not a panacea, and there are advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of swing gate turnstile: 1. The control method is more complicated and the cost is higher. 2.

Insufficient waterproof and dustproof ability, generally only suitable for indoor use, if used outdoors, a canopy must be added. 3. The appearance is relatively simple and the plasticity is not strong.

4. Restricted by the shape of the blocking body, the impact resistance of the swing gate turnstile is lower than that of the three-roller gate. Pedestrians illegally pass through it and easily damage the gate wings and the movement.

5. The technical requirements for manufacturers are relatively high. If the design is not good, the reliability of the product will be greatly reduced, and the anti-pinch ability to avoid personal injury will be greatly reduced.

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