Three roller gate has many advantages


1. The versatility of the three-roller gate: the intelligent management system uses a non-contact smart IC card, also known as a radio frequency card, which successfully solves the problems of multi-purpose IC card, information confidentiality, no damage, and simple operation, which greatly improves the application of the system software. It can be authorized several times for a card, which can be used for application management at other levels.

Such as attendance management, consumption, parking lot management, patrol, personnel department. 2. The three-roller gate saves time and effort: just place the card in the magnetic induction area and shake it lightly, then the staff access management can be established, and the response speed of the machine and equipment is lower than 0.

1S. 3. The expansion of the three-roller gate is convenient: the electronic computer and the intelligent management system use the wireless communication method, which can expand the total number of safe channels at will.

That is, after installing the corresponding automatic control system, according to the demand, if the number of intelligent access gates and elevator control systems needs to be increased, the hardware configuration only needs to upgrade the corresponding intelligent access gates, and the software can set the additional equipment. 4. Offline operation of three-roller gate: The intelligent channel gate adopts the wireless transmission method of the telecommunication base station, and operates completely offline.

The transmission distance can exceed several kilometers according to the regulations, and the transmission data can exceed 100M/S faster. It is a serial transmission for industrial production. The quality is several percent or even several times.

5. Three-roll gate transmission data safety factor: The transmission method is applicable to the horizontal wave agreement to ensure the safety and stability of the transmission data. 6.

The three-roller gate is easy to maintain: no wiring is required, and it is suitable for a 24-hour time monitor. 7. Three-roll gate security information confidentiality: During the whole process of transmission, the content of data encryption information can be arbitrarily set to ensure the security of your network information.

8. Safety factor for the use of three-roller gates: the use of internationally recognized wireless transmission channel columns will cause radiation damage to the body. 9.

Three-roller gate coordination ability: According to the mobile phone software, you can set the management authority of the staff to enter, report the loss, cancel the account, and improve the management authority. 10. Simple maintainability of the three-roller gate: At present, the access control system technicians must undergo professional learning and training before they can enter the actual operation.

The maintenance staff can find the common faults according to the simple two-step actual operation, and can be quickly and easily removed. 11. The economic development and applicability of the three-roller gate: the wiring of the machine and equipment is low-cost, which greatly reduces your expenses.

12. The technical innovation of the three-roller gate: choose the most fashionable wifi network intelligent management system at this stage to ensure that your intelligent management system will not fall out of date within 10 years.

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