Three-roll gate common fault maintenance method


Common fault maintenance methods of three-roller gates (no light, abnormal noise, no opening, etc.) Three-roller gates are suitable for pedestrians who need to pass through various public places in an orderly manner, such as tourist attractions, exhibition halls, cinemas, ports, railway stations, and bus stations. Re-counting, number of people in factories, canteen consumption, golf courses, monthly card leisure centers, etc.

require authorization to enter; in the anti-static control area of ​​electronic factories, face recognition, fingerprint recognition and heavy security devices are required. These places have a large flow of people, and various failures will occur when the three-roller gate takes a long time to start. Common fault one: The three-roller gate indicator light is off.

Treatment method: Check the power supply or fuse, and check whether the reading device such as infrared is in good condition. Common fault two: There is a humming sound when the three-roller gate is opened: adjust the four base angle screws of the electromagnet, reduce the suction gap of the electromagnet, and check whether there are other resistance factors. Common fault three: The three-roller gate cannot be opened.

Approach: 1. Check the control panel; 2. Check whether the electromagnet screw is loose or broken; 3.

Check the drive board of the three-roller gate. At this time, you can short-circuit the input end of the drive board (1# open gate or 2# open gate input), if the solenoid valve or the green light responds, it is normal. Common fault four: The three-roller gate cannot be manually turned on the lever Approach: 1.

Check whether the electromagnet of the power drop bar attracts the iron block; 2. Check whether there is DC12V power supply for the electromagnet of the power-down rod; 3. Check whether the electromagnetic device of the power-off drop bar pushes against the shrapnel in the turntable.

If so, move the entire device up so that the two do not come into contact. Common fault five: There is a crash sound when the three-roller gate is opened Treatment method: adjust the strength of the damper to check whether there are impurities or loose parts.

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