Three main points for channel gate selection


The main difference in pedestrian passages is that in addition to the difference in door leaf movement, different grades of products are quite different in material technology, motor drive and control system, and product selection needs to consider many factors. 1. Personnel safety is mainly to understand the mechanism of pedestrian passage products in terms of personnel movement trajectory and behavior identification detection, anti-pinch mechanism for illegal entry personnel, emergency response and handling in emergency situations, etc.

These aspects are also to ensure high safety of pedestrian passage products Foundation. 2. Security The main purpose of security is to understand the processing mechanism of pedestrian passage products for detection, prevention and alarm of illegal entry personnel, so as to prevent the occurrence of personnel tailing.

The trailing detection function includes two detection methods, one is trailing entry detection, and the other is reverse entry detection. 3. Performance safety is mainly to understand the motor technology of the door unit components of pedestrian passage products, the trouble-free running time, the passing rate of personnel per unit time, and the maintainability of the system.

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