Three areas of intelligent gate application


1. Authentication. In fact, in our days, there are many locals who do not allow outsiders to enter.

Therefore, we utilize gate systems to identify and verify people's identities. If it is a person inside the company, it can be released directly. If it is not a person inside the enterprise, it will not be released, and the automatic screening function of people will be realized.

2. To maintain order. The gate can be used as a protection sequence.

In some shopping malls or places with high traffic, you can use the gate to queue up consciously to improve the efficiency of shopping malls and reduce congestion at the entrance of shopping malls. 3. Standardize management.

Places with a lot of people will be more congested. Therefore, in order to regulate the import and export, the import and export cannot be exported, and the export cannot enter to reduce congestion. The gate is a very good first choice and can save a lot of manpower when handling it.

Three areas of smart gate applications can be said to be closely related to our lives.

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