The working principle of the full height gate system


Due to the particularity of enterprise management, there are many and miscellaneous personnel, our Guangzhou Xiangtongbao Technology has also made corresponding improvements on the basis of ordinary turnstiles to meet the special needs of different enterprises. We mainly recommend one to factories and enterprises. Relatively suitable turnstile: full-height turnstile.

1. Turn on the power, and the system will enter the working state after 3 seconds; 2. When the card reader reads a valid card, the buzzer will make a pleasant sound to remind pedestrians that the card reading is successful; at the same time, it will also judge and process the information read from the card, and send an application approval signal to the main control board.

; 3. The main control board receives the card reader, and after comprehensive processing, sends an effective control signal to the motor to make the motor run, the limit switch controls the rotation angle of the motor, and the gate opens (in the normally open mode, the motor does not operate), Pedestrians are allowed.

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