The use of face recognition gates


The application of face recognition gates in projects is becoming more and more extensive, and many weak current friends have already done related projects. What are its brands? After the equipment is installed, how to connect the system wiring? How to debug the device? Let's take a look at this content together. What is a face recognition gate? The face recognition turnstile is composed of two parts: the face recognition turnstile head and the turnstile.

The difference between the face recognition gate and the stand-alone gate is that in addition to swiping the card and QR code to open the gate, it can also do face recognition (swiping the face) to open the gate, which not only improves the experience of entry and exit, but also improves the Security strength. It integrates face recognition terminals, traditional gates and system software, and is widely used in airport station entrances and exits, border inspection entrances and exits, intelligent buildings, safe communities, financial outlets, construction sites, venues, examination rooms, scenic spots…… Scenarios that strictly control the entry and exit of people have their place. For example, most of the scenic spots now basically use face recognition gates, and you only need to brush your face + ID card.

Supports a variety of verification modes according to different scenarios and functional requirements. At present, there are multiple verification methods for face recognition gates, such as face swipe, card + face, smart (face/card + face switch), fingerprint + face, card swipe + Fingerprint + Face etc. How to wire and debug the face recognition gate? Most of my friends have many problems with the wiring of the face recognition gate.

Here we take Dahua's face gate as an example, and cite three videos to learn more about it. After the equipment is installed, the face recognition gate system is wired. Debug with equipment.

1. System wiring In addition to the power cable and network cable, the system wiring mainly includes: gate opening signal line and signal synchronization line. The 5 series J gate is equipped with a card reader by default, which can realize the opening of the door by swiping a card.

2. Gate debugging The turnstile mainly adjusts the function code through the "menu", plus, minus, exit and other buttons to set the function mode.

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