The road gate is applied to the office building, how should the road gate be selected?


When the gate is used in the office building, how should people choose the gate? The following points should be considered in the application of the gates of indoor safety passages: 1. Total number of applications, passenger flow, application frequency, usage period; 2. Low noise; 3.

The appearance design is beautiful and generous; 4. It has the function of emergency fire evacuation. Pedestrian passage control equipment in office buildings can be used in combination with fast passage and swing gates.

The application of fast-track and swing gates is good-looking in appearance, greatly improves the brand image of the site's intelligence, and has a more comprehensive role in practical application. The staff can go to and from get off work through the fast lane, which can better control the entry and exit of the staff in the building. Disabled people or staff with heavy goods can pass through the swing gate, making the gate more personalized in application.

The swing gate can also be used as a safety passage for members. When important customers or leading cadres come to visit and inspect, the swing gate can be opened normally, and the staff can pass through quickly, without requiring customers or leading cadres to pass through the fast lane one by one. Summarize: 1.

Only control the flow of people, the regulations are not high, you can choose three-roller gates, wing gates, and one-way gates; 2. It is necessary to control both the flow of people and the flow of traffic, and it is necessary to choose swing gates; 3. Only control the flow of people, stipulate that the driving is faster, and you can choose a wing gate or a word gate; 4.

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