The importance of gates to campus


A student has been found dead in a dorm room after a tragic incident at a New Zealand university. However, when he was found, he found the student dead for at least two months, based on police speculation and checks. You can imagine this is an otaku student.

I just took the class for two months. Did the school not notice? A tragedy like this is really strange, but there is no doubt that the school and the family have a responsibility after something like this happens. School safety has always been a national and important concern for schools and parents.

More than 45% of campus security incidents come from dormitory security management. According to the statistics of the public security department, more than 6,000 college students have safety accidents every year, of which more than 45% come from dormitory safety management. College students who do not abide by the school dormitory management regulations have the greatest potential safety hazards.

The dormitory entrance is the only way for students to rest in the dormitory. The campus face recognition door is easy to use and highly accepted by students. Use the camera to recognize the facial images of students, highlighting the intuitiveness of access control, high recognition accuracy and fast speed.

Compared with other biometric technologies, face recognition technology has higher recognition accuracy, lower error rate and lower rejection rate to ensure students' own recognition. Some residents occasionally go out at night. When foreigners enter, they can deploy facial recognition tunnels at the entrance to screen and verify the identities of residents when it happens at night.

The intelligent security management system can realize data statistical analysis and navigation functions, calculate data statistics such as the number of students in the bedroom, bedrooms, laying, etc., and count no student data for a long time every week, and long lists are not automatically exported. On the dormitory management platform, dormitory staff can Shield students for long periods of time to reduce the likelihood of security incidents.

The dormitory is a campus with high requirements for privacy. In order to ensure the safety and privacy of the dormitory, pedestrian gates are a good way to allow dormitory employees to directly scan their faces, intercept suspicious people, and build a more convenient channel to build a safe campus. played a big role.

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