The future development prospect of pedestrian access gates


Pedestrian gates have developed rapidly in recent years, and become more and more intelligent, and have become a major trend in the security and access control industries. For the future trend of intelligent pedestrian access gates, and the development trend of future intelligent pedestrian access gates. Then let Xiangtongbao Technology and everyone analyze the prospects and advantages of the intelligent pedestrian gate industry.

Let's analyze it now: most of the pedestrian gates are used by the user unit to effectively manage the area under management by combining manual management and equipment management. This method makes use of the flexibility of manual management and the intelligent characteristics of intelligent equipment, so that the user unit has changed from the method of complete manual management to the era of the combination of manual management and equipment management, which greatly improves work efficiency and strengthens the use of The safety management awareness of the unit, and to a certain extent, the safety management has been enhanced. Analysis of the future: With the consideration of labor costs, the combination of manual management and equipment management will gradually be replaced by self-service visitor terminals, truly realizing unmanned and efficient management.

The self-service visitor terminal can provide self-service to the visitors. The visitors can choose the company they want to visit according to the prompts on the touch screen, and enter the personal information of the visitors according to the prompts. The system will call the front desk of the visited company according to the pre-configured method to make a voice call or IP video call; after the visited company confirms the visitor's identity, enter the confirmation command, and the self-service visitor terminal will spit out the visitor card to complete the visitor registration process.

. In addition, with the improvement of visual aesthetics, people will have higher requirements on the appearance of the access gate equipment. In the increasingly competitive environment of access control systems, it is believed that there will be more beautiful, practical, powerful and technologically advanced smart pedestrian gate products manufactured by Xiangtongbao Technology to flood the market, bringing people a newer experience.

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