The difference between the speed gate and the standard gate


Pedestrian passage gate speed gate is also called high-end swing gate. It can be said to be an upgraded version of swing gate. It itself represents tallness and is suitable for any occasion.

However, since it is an upgraded version of swing gate, it must be better than ordinary swing gate Where is the gate better, where is the speed gate better than the swing gate? Next, Doyle Intelligent Control will explain to you the advantages of the pedestrian passage gate speed gate. Advantages of speed gates: 1: The appearance is fashionable, which inherits the advantages of the swing gate, and is even better than the swing gate. 2: The speed of opening the gate is reached (0.

2 seconds), there is no doubt that the speed of the speed gate must be the fastest. 3: Anti-collision function, the speed gate has anti-collision function, automatic reset 4: Safety factor, the gate will be closed only after pedestrians or luggage pass through, and if someone else breaks in after the pedestrian passes, the gate will be automatically opened to prevent the clamp from issuing an illegal intrusion alarm. 5: Voice prompts, ultra-quiet, communication methods, etc.

are all advantages of the speed gate How is the speed gate better than the swing gate? 1. The mechanical dead position of the ordinary swing gate is only at a specific point. If there is a deviation, it can directly pass the person, but the Rongtong gate will not.

2. It takes more than a few seconds for the ordinary swing gate to open and close the door, and the opening time for the speed gate is more than 0.2 seconds.

At the same time, because the movement of the speed gate is smaller, the appearance of the model is more beautiful. To meet the requirements of art, it is usually used in high-end places. 3.

There are 5 more pairs of infrared in the speed gate than in the bypass swing gate, which can more intelligently identify the human body passing through the gate without misjudgment, which are not available in ordinary swing gates. There are too many advantages of the speed gate, otherwise nothing is perfect. Since the speed gate is an upgrade of the swing gate, the price will definitely be higher than that of the ordinary swing gate, but in terms of product quality and performance, it seems cost-effective It will be higher, after all, the speed gate does have advantages that other gates do not have.

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