The difference between pedestrian crossing gates and road gates


There are many kinds of doors on the market now, so what is the difference between a walkway door and a door? Many people are not very clear, the following Xiangtongbao Technology introduces the difference between access doors and doors, you can understand. First, although both access doors and doors are access control devices, there are differences. Access doors are mainly used for equipment with large flow of people, management and control of the flow of people.

Doors are mainly used in parking lots, and the object is a device that controls the entry and exit of vehicles. Generally speaking, the access gate is entered and exited by the management personnel, and the gate is entered and exited by the management vehicle. Access gate, also known as pedestrian gate.

Pedestrian gate. Referred to as one of the common devices in the access control system, the channel is actually the traffic management for people. The types of pedestrian access gates are: three-roller gates, wing gates, swing gates, revolving gates, translation gates, speed gates, flat gates, barrier-free access gates, etc.

Each access gate device has its own unique advantages and different application places. Three roller gate: Simple dissuasion-level access control widely used for public channels. It is widely used in factory attendance system, public institution consumption system, ticket inspection system in scenic spots and other venues, construction site palm system management, etc.

Available in a number of different configurations, it is suitable for all buildings and addresses all control issues for pedestrian access. Can be equipped with different identification systems (ID card, IC card, barcode, palm shape, fingerprint, iris, etc.).

Wing gate: The traffic speed is fast, the anti-tailing is strong, and the station, subway station, wharf and other places with a particularly large flow of people must also meet various ticket checking functions. Of course, the wing gate is the best choice. Swing gate: The unique shape can not only satisfy the passage of people, but also satisfy the passage of bicycles, electric vehicles and first carts.

Community, campus and other places are suitable for swing gates. Full height turnstile: Prisons, banks and other places that require a high safety factor are more suitable to choose full-height revolving doors, because the anti-tailing performance of full-height revolving doors is the strongest among all doors. Translation brake: With its beautiful and generous appearance, because it brings a sense of seriousness, it is often used in administrative units and high-end office buildings.

Speedgate: He can be seen in halls and airports, with fast traffic and stylish appearance. Barrier-free access gate: Barrier-free access gate: No brake lever is set, and the passing people are checked by infrared to achieve the purpose of barrier-free brushing or direct calculation of the flow of people. The access gate equipment can ensure that 35 people pass within 1 minute, and is suitable for occasions with high traffic efficiency requirements.

Pedestrian gate features: 1. Anti-trailing function: The channel has an infrared light band detection area, and the switch state can be adjusted according to the customer's precision requirements to adapt to the needs of different light bands, avoiding the shortcomings of spot infrared detectors that are easy to contaminate and affect the reliability of judgment, and can effectively judge unread cards. followers.

When the system determines a subsequent occurrence, the system will react based on the valid cardholder returned by the infrared detector. After the open signal is sent, there are still some abnormal uses that will alert the system. 2.

Abnormal use: (1) When the door is open, break into the door wing in reverse. If an unauthorized pedestrian enters the door detection zone in the opposite direction, the door will close immediately. The timeliness function does not count the time as long as someone detects the detection zone.

When people leave the second detection zone, the doors will resume normal operation. (2) When the door is closed, pedestrians enter the door in reverse after the authorized opening signal is issued. Before passing through the safety photoelectric detection belt, if the reverse detection belt detects that someone has entered, as long as the person does not leave, the buzzer will keep sounding the alarm and the door will remain closed.

At this time, the timeliness function does not calculate the time interval.

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