The benefits of installing wing gates in scenic spots


Scenic wing gate devices have become more and more popular, mainly due to the improvement of people's living standards. Travel has become the primary leisure method in daily life, and it is a flavoring agent in life. In particular, more people choose to travel on holidays, it is difficult to buy tickets, and the low power of manual ticket checking in and out of travel scenic spots directly affects the development of scenic spots and the experience of tourists.

It has become particularly important to handle the ticket checking power in and out of the scenic spot. Now many scenic spots have adopted the ticketing system of the wing gate to the cooperative scenic spot, and the intelligent ticket checking has greatly increased the ticket checking power of the scenic spot, allowing tourists to enter the scenic spot more conveniently and quickly. The wing gate in the scenic spot is the best choice.

The three-roller gate and the swing gate have a slow traffic speed and a low safety factor. The wing gates have the characteristics of three roller gates and swing gates, so that there are no accidents at the entrance of this scenic spot. The advantages of installing wing gates in scenic spots are as follows: 1.

From the perspective of safety, for people in tourist attractions, including the elderly and children, the soft wing gate can avoid the problem of children's height and the slow walking of the elderly to prevent accidental damage to the carapace. 2. With such a huge flow of people pressure, the flexible wings of the wing gate can quickly allow people to pass.

It can quickly guide a large number of people flow, allowing people to enter the scenic spot quickly and smoothly. 3. The appearance of the wing gates is more in line with the aesthetics of today's people.

The shocking power of the neat rows of wing gate passages leaves a deep impression on tourists.

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