The applications of wing gates in various fields are as follows


The applications of wing gates in various fields are as follows: 1. The application of wing gate access control in the office building of the office building. Installing access control on the company gate can effectively prevent foreign salesmen from entering the company and disrupt the office order, and can also effectively prevent foreign leisure personnel from entering the company.

Ensure the property of the company and employees. Safety. 2.

The application of wing gates in intelligent community access management control is generally installed on the gates, gates, gates, gates, electric gates, and iron gates, fire doors, and anti-theft doors of the unit. It can effectively prevent idle personnel from entering the community, and effectively carry out closed management of the community. 3.

The application of wing gates in government offices can effectively regulate the office order, prevent illegal personnel from attacking government offices, and protect the personal safety of leaders. 4. The application of wing gates in the medical hospital system can prevent outsiders from entering the infectious area and precision instrument rooms; it can prevent people from bringing bacteria into sterile places such as operating rooms because of emotional excitement; it can prevent illegal groups from attacking the hospital management department, so as not to Emotional damage damages public property and harms healthcare workers and hospital leaders.

5. Application of wing gates in telecom base stations and power supply bureau substations Typical base stations and power supply bureau substations have the following characteristics: there are many base stations, requiring large system capacity. The distribution area is very wide, even hundreds of square kilometers.

It has its own network for networking. In some places, it is unattended, and the central dispatching room needs to dispatch the on-site staff at any time. 6.

The application of wing gates in financial banks Banking is an industry with high security risk management, and its access control security for facilities and IT security of desktop login systems are extremely high, and the vault is an important preventive area for banks, deploying secure access control systems It is the main measure to improve safety prevention and control.

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