The advantages of the speed gate are as follows


1. Intelligent memory In the case of overcrowding and congestion, the brushless speed gate has a memory function, and the speed gate will be opened several times after multiple credit cards are swiped to ensure smooth completion, reasonable arrangement of time, no stuck, no credit card pass through the gate is fully automatic Alarm or Shutdown. 2.

Intelligent resolution Generally, the swing gate relies on infrared light to distinguish whether the gate is closed or not. When passing people, set up intelligent identification. The gate will be judged and reasoned according to whether the non-motor vehicle has passed through the gate, including whether the luggage has completely exited the gate.

brake or open the gate to ensure the safety of non-motor vehicles. 3. Appearance The express door of the office building is formed by a stainless steel sheet laser stamping die.

The design is unique, anti-rust treatment, and durable. After the metal surface is treated, it is more lustrous and has the same texture. The anti-fingerprint identification solution will be more high-end, making people noble and enjoying .

4. Socket The brushless speed pass door adopts the standard electrical equipment socket, which is usually the data signal or differential signal of the automobile relay, which can easily integrate the magnetic card, barcode card, Id card, ic card and other tf cards on the machine and equipment to generate a one-card management method. 5.

Self-examination Each brushless speed gate has a serial number, and the original factory records it automatically. Follow the self-check procedure process. 6.

Administrative rights The brushless speed gate has a fully automatic calibration function. After the gate is opened, if the gate does not enter within a specified period of time, the operating system will automatically revoke the customer's management authority for this entry. The standard is fully automatic within 5 seconds after opening.

calibration. 7. Anti-trailing This card is passed by swiping a credit card, and the water conservancy gate will be automatically closed after passing the anti-pinch point.

8. Sound and light alarm function Illegal break-in, tailgating alarm.

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