Several types of mechanical fault solutions for swing gates


A few points that must be paid attention to in the installation and application of the swing gate gate machine: 1. After swiping the card on the door, the swinging door does not open, and there is no response. Check again to see if the open signal line has fallen, and check whether the open signal indicator on the main board has received an open data signal.

2. After swiping the card at the channel gate for consumption, one is open and the other is not. Check again to see if the synchronization line is connected.

Make sure that after the connection is made, whether the main board of the one that cannot be seen is connected to the open data signal, if not, check again whether the wiring is dropped, and whether the power plug on the main board is plugged in properly. 3. After swiping the card for consumption, the sluice gate is opened, but the sluice gate is not closed.

This kind of thing is generally the anti-pinch infrared in the middle is not right. Before fixing the main box, it is necessary to make sure that the infrared rays are properly aligned, so that everything can be opened and closed normally. If the infrared rays are not properly aligned, an alarm will be sent to remind you when the power is turned on.

After swiping the card at the door, follow the direction arrow to drive. 4. The working attitude of the direction indication is that the green arrow symbol is inclined to the left, the green arrow symbol is inclined to the right, or the bright red cross.

If the direction indication does not reflect, or the direction indicated is wrong. You can switch to another test and try it with a good swap. Check the wiring again, if the working attitude is normal, only the direction indicated is reversed, you only need to exchange the upper and lower signal lines on the direction indicator.

5. The channel gate has a fully automatic opening function after the power is turned off. If it does not turn on after the power is turned off, the reason is that the working voltage of the reserve rechargeable battery (battery) inside is insufficient, and the working voltage can be measured with a digital multimeter.

When the power is turned off, the automatic start function requires the battery to have a working voltage of at least 10V to drive the automatic control system and motor. If the working voltage is insufficient, please charge the battery for sufficient time. If the battery is charged closely to the controller, it must be at least 20 hours.

. 6. If the above points do not solve your problem, please contact the dealer to solve it.

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