Several Harmful Elements of Access Gate System


As an intelligent access control security channel, its system is much more complex than traditional access control security channels, and there are many elements that harm its role. The key to simple control is three levels: 1. The safe passage of the People's Bank of China with high-grade design style must combine safe products, contemporary and simple design ideas with the natural environment and building types of engineering buildings; The wire frame level is dominated by streamline design concept, reflecting a simple and comfortable design style.

The material level uses a large number of fashionable trends and transparent design concepts combined with laminated glass and stainless steel plate, maintaining the same design style as the intelligent basic construction of buildings; In addition, high-grade PBC safe passage commodities have significant differences in stainless steel passivation process, including surface metal wire drawing pattern solution, accuracy of sheet metal bending angle of view, clearance precision between different components, etc. 2. The innovation of the movement The innovation of the passage gate movement immediately endangers the long service life and management of the passage gate.

For example, the ARM control system with the latest news is selected, and the industrial operation process is selected for this newly upgraded product. It has the characteristics of low noise, stable operation, no mechanical equipment damage, and long service life during the whole operation process. All products are very stable when starting and shutting down, and can quickly keep the brake system locked.

3. For example, the wing brake has the function of full automatic calibration. When it is opened and it does not travel within the required time, the system will automatically revoke the customer's management authority for this travel, and the specification is full automatic calibration 5 seconds after opening.

The intelligence of the wing gate is also reflected in the automatic opening and closing of the safety channel after the wing gate is powered off. The wing gate also has the function of route self inspection, and can be detected immediately after any abnormality occurs, which greatly maintains the service life of the wing gate.

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