Several advantages of the access gate system


The access gate system has several advantages: 1. Simple and practical At present, access control system technicians only need to go through simple learning and training to be able to enter the post for actual operation. The channel gate maintenance staff can find the common fault according to the simple two-step actual operation, which can be quickly and conveniently removed.

2. Excellent technology The most fashionable wifi network intelligent management system is selected at this stage. The intelligent management system guaranteed by the channel gate is not easy to fall behind within 10 years.

3. Comprehensive low cost From the perspective of installation, adjustment and wiring, the selection of TCP/IP transmission mode can reduce a lot of project investment. In addition, the short construction period of the project saves the cost of cables and labor services, and is easy to maintain.

Therefore, the selection of access control system and channel gate system has advantages in cost. 4. Multi purpose The channel gate intelligent management system uses non capacitive grid intelligent IC card, also known as RF card, which successfully solves the problems such as the need for IC card, information confidentiality, no damage, simple operation, etc.

, further improves the application of the system, and can authorize a card for several times. The channel gate can be used for program management at other levels. Such as attendance management, consumption, parking lot management, patrol, personnel department.

5. Convenient expansion The electronic computer and enrollment management system adopt wireless communication method, and the channel gate can expand the total number of safe channels at will. That is, when the relative automatic control system is installed, if it is necessary to increase the total number of intelligent channel gates and elevator car control systems, the hardware configuration only needs to increase the relative channel gates, and the software can set additional machine equipment.

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