Precautions for pedestrian gates


Access doors are designed, produced and tested according to the latest technology. While the product is fully operational and safe when it leaves the factory, these must be achieved with proper installation. Therefore, you must read the operating instructions carefully and pay attention to safety.

Matters must be followed. In the case of mishandling and intentional damage, the manufacturer can disclaim any responsibility and warranty. The power used by the device is sufficient to endanger life.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the equipment is disconnected from the power supply, and to be tested and confirmed before servicing or maintenance. Please read the instructions in this manual carefully before assembling and installing the gate, this will prolong the life of the product and allow you to benefit from all the features of the product. Safety Precautions.

When servicing, switch off all external switchgear (access control, console, etc.). Access doors are not allowed to be installed without a suitable installation base.

There must be a main power switch or other current operated device. Before commissioning, ensure that all electrical and functional characteristics are tested. The wiring of the access gate must comply with the attached wiring diagram.

Electrical connections should only be made by electrical technicians with professional certificates and training. Only electrical technicians with professional certifications and training can remove enclosure covers, plug into electrical outlets and power sources. receiver or wire.

If necessary, the bolts must be checked and tightened. At operating temperature, live parts such as switching power supplies, motors, resistors, motor fixed housings and lamps, etc. It will burn the skin, please do not touch it.

When using the product, it is forbidden to sit on the swing gate or forcibly squeeze it, otherwise the access gate will be damaged unnecessarily.

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