Pedestrian gate selection skills


The main difference of the pedestrian passage is in addition to the difference in the movement mode of the door leaf. The materials of different grades are quite different in the material process, motor drive and control system. The product selection needs to consider many factors.

1. Stability and stability is the preferred principle for access to the pedestrian access gate system. Wherever possible, mature products that lead the industry should be considered.

After many authoritative certifications and the test of many typical users, it has been running normally for many years and has been highly recognized in the industry. 2. The main equipment of economical access gates should adopt a modular design, and the future system expansion can be realized through the upgrade of software and hardware, without making too many changes to the system, to maximize the economic principle, and the products should have cost-effective advantages.

. 3. With the ability to prevent vandalism Pedestrian access gates are used for people to pass, so the system itself must be safe.

The high security mentioned here should, on the one hand, guarantee the safety of equipment, system operations and operators. For example, the equipment and system itself should be able to withstand high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, anti-static and anti-interference; on the other hand, the access gate system should also have the function of preventing man-made damage, such as pedestrians forcibly intruding. 4.

Product appearance With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, when pursuing product functionality and practicability, appearance is often used as one of the reference standards, hoping to achieve additional functions of visual enjoyment. 5. Security is mainly to understand the processing mechanism of pedestrian passage products for detecting, preventing and alarming illegal entry of personnel, so as to prevent the occurrence of people trailing.

The trailing detection function includes two detection methods, one is trailing entry detection, and the other is reverse entry detection. Pedestrian access gate system is a general term for the pedestrian flow control equipment at the entrance and exit of the passage.

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