Outdoor application of three roller gates, how to maintain it in rainy days?


The first thing to do in rainy days is the moisture-proof maintenance of the three-roller gate. How to do the moisture-proof maintenance? 1. Build an awning, which can block the precipitation better.

Or apply sealant around the fixed part of the three-roller gate. Avoid infiltration of precipitation. 2.

External maintenance Most of the three-roller gates are made of domestic SU304 stainless steel. The surface is cleaned every week to remove rust spots. If the surface is painted, wipe off the surface dust and use the same color paint to make up.

3. Movement maintenance The movement is the heart of the equipment and must be well maintained. Usually once a month for maintenance, open the top cover to disconnect the switch power supply, clean the dust on the top, clean part of the transmission system first, and then add unsalted butter or high-concentration car oil.

4. Part of the power supply circuit is maintained. According to the previous application status, it is necessary to see if there is a problem in the motor control part.

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