ommon faults and solutions of wing gates


1. Can't open the door after swiping the card? Solution: 1) Confirm whether the controller is set with two-way card swiping, long press the right button for 3 seconds to enter the control panel menu, and select the access mode 2) Unplug the infrared port IR3IR2IR1 of the black box controller, and short the SW1GND left opening port or short SW2GND right Open the gate; 3) Open the door for a short time, but the card does not open, the controller does not receive the access signal or the line is loose; 4) When the card is swiped, the relay has no beating sound, indicating that the card has no authority, or the access control relay is not set to 0 seconds or 1 second. 2.

After swiping the card, the indicator light is opposite to the entering direction of swiping the card, and the first pair of infrared sensors is turned off immediately. Solution: Switch in and out of the gate to the opening signal SW1Gnd and SW2Gnd terminals. 3.

After swiping the card, the gate opens but does not close? Cause Analysis: 1) If the IR1IR2IR3 is turned off after being pulled out, the middle anti-pinch infrared is usually not aligned; 2) Intermediate infrared fault. Solution: 1) If you straighten the infrared rays, or move the chassis to align the infrared rays; 2) Straighten or remove the two infrared rays, and the red light at the tail of the unobstructed infrared receiving end is still on, indicating that the infrared rays are broken. replace.

4. The gate will not open automatically after the power is cut off? Cause Analysis: 1) The battery edge terminals are not inserted; 2) The battery consumes power, and the actual virtual power does not exceed 10V. Solution: 1) The red wire in the lower right corner of the controller is connected to the 12V positive pole of the battery, and the black or blue wire is connected to the negative pole of the battery.

After the power is cut off, the gate will automatically open to keep the channel open; 2) The battery is charged with 24V power supply alone for 5 minutes and then connected to the circuit board. 5. No need to swipe the card to enter the swipe card.

Solution: 1) Set the access mode through the controller menu and swipe the card freely; 2) Operation method: long press ENT to activate the menu button, select the access parameters, press the right key ENT to enter the door selection mode, press the right key ENT to enter the selection card free 3) Check and verify. 6. After the indicator has been used for a period of time, the green arrow will always light up.

Cause analysis: The signal output of the circuit board indicator light is abnormal or the indicator light is faulty. Solution: Method 1: Only power supply 12v, remove the IN1IN2 signal line, the red cross is on, the indicator is good, and the green arrow indicator is still bad. Method 2: Replace the good indicator lights on other gates.

If the OK light is still on, the green arrow indicates that the black box circuit board needs to be replaced. 7. The baffle does not move when the card is swiped to open the door.

Cause Analysis: 1) The order of the limit switches 1 and 2 connected to the wrong line is usually wrong; 2) The circuit board is faulty and the motor has no output; 3) The limit switch sensor is faulty; 4) The movement nylon wheel is stuck by dust. Solution: 1) The multimeter measures whether the online lines are in one-to-one correspondence and smooth; 2) The process of using a multimeter Use a multimeter to measure whether there is voltage output at the M1M2 port of the black box. If there is no voltage output, you need to replace the fuse in the circuit board to quickly melt 3A; 3) Open the top cover of the black box, PS1-1PS2-1 will be on when the door is opened, and PS1-22-2 will be on when the door is closed; 4) Move upward to clean the dust and mud limit switch attached to the nylon wheel.

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