Maintenance of swing gate and road gate rod


The opening of the intelligent management system has built a more secure residential natural environment. In order to ensure the normal application of electronic access control, people will carry out regular maintenance and repair of swing gates and road poles. Timely maintenance of swing gate and gate lever: 1.

The surface of the swing gate shall be scrubbed and the floating dust shall be removed. 2. Check whether the parts are loose during the maintenance of the swing brake indicator core, tighten the loose extruder screw, and apply the automobile oil to the transmission gear and the upper edge of the wheel groove.

3. Maintenance of swing switch power supply Cut off the swing switch power supply, check whether the external power supply has leakage and repair it. Maintenance of swing gate and gate lever: The maintenance of swing gates and road poles must be coordinated by the owners of each community.

The owners of bicycles must not follow them to prevent them from hitting the swing gates; The entrance and exit of cars shall comply with the standard of one car per pole to prevent accidental collision and park the car in the underground parking lot.

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