How to record the face of the face recognition gate?


We can often see face recognition gate system equipment installed at school gates, enterprises and institutions, subway entrances and other places. When you pass, you only need to swipe your face to automatically recognize the door, complete the attendance check-in, identity authentication and other functions. The whole process does not require manual intervention, and the recognition process can be completed in less than a second, which greatly saves time and improves efficiency.

So, how is such a convenient and fast face recognition gate realized? Then let Doyle Xiaobian take you to see how the face recognition gate is the magical operation of entering the face! Face recognition gate system: First, we need to enter our face information into the system, and log in with the WeChat applet to bind the information. The whole process can be operated independently, the steps are simple, and it can be completed in 1 minute. After the face data collection is completed, it will be processed uniformly by the background system, and all the information belonging to the person, such as name, facial features and other information, will be bound to facilitate the management of the property company and grid personnel.

Later, when accessing the camera sample via face recognition, we can use the face recognition analysis of the current sample to search and match the features of the background face model. When brushing your face, you only need to walk to the face recognition access control. The camera will dynamically track the sampling and generate feature data, and then you can quickly confirm the identity of the person by matching the data in the database, and display the relevant information bound to the person.

It is worth mentioning that the accuracy rate of face recognition has now exceeded 99.9%, twins, makeup, etc. can also be distinguished.

Therefore, face recognition is also widely used in schools, communities and other places, which is convenient and greatly improves security. Dower Smart Control is committed to face recognition gate system, face access control, face consumer machine, face dining table, face home vision, face vending machine and many other products, which are widely used in campus and many other scenarios.

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