How to maintain the wing gate and swing gate?


Access turnstiles are used more and more in our daily life. Different access turnstiles are used in different places. How to maintain swing turnstiles and wing turnstiles, as a technical professional manufacturer, it is necessary to discuss with everyone, and attention should be paid to The following points: 1.

Chassis maintenance The chassis of the swing gate and wing gate is painted or sprayed with 304 stainless steel plate and electrolytic plate (A3 plate). The stainless steel plate chassis will have rust on the surface when it is long. Use sanding sandpaper, emerald green sand cloth and fossil powder.

Wipe the chassis clean, the stainless steel polished surface is rubbed along the long grain, otherwise it will affect the outer shape. The mirror surface is polished with a polishing wheel and polishing wax, and can also be coated with a rust inhibitor. For the painted and sprayed chassis, wipe off the dust with a thin cloth.

If there are scratches on the surface, use the paint of the same color to make up for a while. Keep in mind that there is no need to apply paint to the radio eye. If there is a covering on it, Swing gates and wing gates will cause false alarms, causing unnecessary inconvenience.

2. Maintenance of the watch core of the swing gate Turn off the switch power supply, open the cover, clean the dust on the surface, spray part of the transmission system with unsalted butter, take out the motor for the swing gate, and apply unsalted butter to the transmission gear and On the top of the wheel groove, fix the motor according to the original position, and check whether the screw of the extruder of the connecting piece is loose and tightened. The copper sheet of the limit switch and limit switch do not need to be adjusted at will, and the gap is 1-2 mm far away, and the magnetic induction cannot be reached.

, too close to easily damaged. 3. Maintenance of the switch power supply part of the swing gate Turn off the switch power supply, remove the dust on the surface, and check whether the software is loose, plugged in, and tightened.

It is not necessary to change the wiring parts casually, and whether the external power supply is exposed. Immediately bundle it up to see if there is a power failure, handle it properly, refer to the instructions for use, check whether the performance parameters of the sockets at each end are normal, and immediately replace the embrittled electronic components. The maintenance of the above-mentioned swing gates and wing gates must be maintained by professional technicians, especially the movement and motor control part, first disconnect the switching power supply, the operation procedures must be trained by professional skills, and the weak current and shortcomings must be fully mastered and able to enter.

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