How to maintain the three roller gate?


The maintenance of the three-roll gate is very important, and the maintenance and maintenance of the three-roll gate directly affects the service life of the three-roll gate. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly and regularly maintain and maintain the three-roll gate, and it must be done according to the requirements. Therefore, Xiangtongbao Technology recommends that you must understand the importance of the maintenance of the three-roller gate.

General maintenance pay attention to the following points: 1. External maintenance Most of the three-roller gates are made of domestic SU304 stainless steel plate. The surface is cleaned once a week to remove rust spots.

The surface of the chassis is washed with a thin cloth and fossil powder, and rust-proof is applied. Do not rub the newly applied anti-rust agent by hand, wait for 3-5 hours to dry in nature and only touch it by hand, otherwise it will destroy the actual effect of anti-rust treatment on the surface. 2.

Movement maintenance The movement is the heart of the equipment and must be well maintained. Usually once a month for maintenance, open the top cover to disconnect the switch power supply, clean the dust on the top, clean part of the transmission system first, and then add unsalted butter or high-concentration car oil. Check whether the standard parts are loose, tighten the standard parts, and check the damage of the spare parts.

The precise positioning arm and the precise positioning disc are more than 3 mm. If there is a gap, replace it immediately. All the normal gaps (1-1.

6 mm) , moderately add unsalted butter or car oil to the valve core of the relay, so that the relay moves up and down to reduce frictional resistance and obtain lubrication. 3. The maintenance of the power supply circuit is based on the previous application status to see if there is a problem with the motor control part.

If there is no problem, check whether the switching power supply is exposed. If it is exposed, it should be bundled. If there is embrittlement, it should be replaced and replaced.

Refer to the instruction manual of the three-roller gate to check the main parameters of each place. If a problem is found, it is necessary to strip the cocoon, find the root cause of the problem, and replace some electronic components. The above maintenance must be maintained by a special person, especially the maintenance of the electronic control part.

Only trained professionals can fully understand the principle of electronic control before they can start to operate.

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