How to install the barrier gate parking equipment system?


How to install the gate parking equipment system The gate: 1. The gate parking equipment system is set on the safety island to avoid rainwater invasion. At this time, if there is no safety island, it is recommended that the installation height of the equipment is 15cm, and the box and bottom are about 10cm.

2. Embedding position of the grounding coil: Generally, the length and width of the coil are 2m1m1m. The position of the coil is determined by the installation position of the field gate.

From the vertical end of the brake lever, the ground coil in the exit direction is 2/3. For example, a 1 meter wide ground coil is 66.6 cm vertically from the gate exit coil and 33.

3 cm from the entrance coil. 3. Cement floor cutting of gate parking equipment: make sure the depth is about 3cm, cut the four corners obliquely, fill with the national standard 0.

75mm Teflon wire, and then roll to complete. It is recommended to reinforce with scrap wire skin to prevent the wire from being exposed to the ground. With the advent of the gate parking device system, everything changed.

The gate parking equipment system uses the computer to charge and does not need manual charging. On the one hand, the workload of the staff is reduced, and on the other hand, the payment of funds is also obvious. Data output.

Data display just got easier. You can also analyze the revenue of the parking lot. The gate parking equipment adopts intelligent license plate recognition system and video parking system to realize intelligence.

The unmanned management mode effectively reduces the labor cost of parking management enterprises and creates a good parking atmosphere for the parking lot. With the rapid development of society, labor costs are getting higher and higher. The video parking lot guidance system is adopted to effectively reduce the internal management personnel of the parking lot, save 70% of the personnel cost for the parking lot, better manage the parking lot, and reasonably allocate the parking lot management personnel.

The gate parking equipment system adopts the advantages of intelligent license plate recognition system and video parking lot guidance system, which are very obvious for parking lot administrators and owners. The video parking lot guidance system adopts an advanced parking lot state pattern recognition algorithm, and the parking lot state recognition accuracy rate exceeds 99%, which can accurately identify non-card vehicles; the construction is simpler, and the video-guided parking spaces are integrated and set in the middle of the lane, which greatly reduces the cost of parking. The material cost and labor cost of the parking lot construction, the parking space detector is directly installed on the front bridge of the parking space, which effectively avoids the obstruction of the column, and the setting effect is more neat and beautiful.

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