How to install the barrier gate?


How to install the gate? First, confirm the installation hole spacing. The gate shell can be placed on the installation surface and marked on the installation surface according to the installation hole spacing of the cabinet. Lay the power plug from the switching power supply to the gate box.

The size of the power plug is RVV3× 1.5mm or higher. Use a 14 mm diameter percussion drill to drill holes on the installation hole pitch with a depth of 100 mm.

Drive the expansion screw with a diameter of 12mm into the mounting hole, tighten the nut and take out the nut. Place the brake housing on the installation hole spacing, tighten the nuts, adjust the vertical angle of the brake housing to make the housing vertical, and finally fix the housing. Align the gear rod straight clamp plate with the two ends of the gear rod hole distance, insert the anchor bolt with a diameter of 12mm, and then fix the gear rod on the gear rod fixing plate of the door shell.

Common problems and maintenance methods of the gate: the embedded wire of the gate electromagnetic coil has loose eyelids: when the local induction wire cannot be firmly stabilized in the nest, the vibration of the vehicle pressing on the ground will cause the deformation of the electromagnetic coil in the nest, changing the original inductor quantity of the ground induction coil. At this time, the sensor must be calibrated again to work properly. The solution is to pour the melted asphalt into it and fix it.

Loosening of the movable joint screws of the gate: the movable joint screws are connected to the external threads on the front and back, and the left and right rolling bearings are connected with double head screws. If the screw is loose, the up and down position will be inaccurate. Insert an 80mm long iron bar into the middle of the double head screw, and rotate the track rod to adjust the left and right.

The screw of the vertical arm of the gate is loose: if the screw is loose, the upper and lower positions of the gate rod will be inaccurate, the stop rod will shake greatly, the anchor bolt will be suspended, and the nut will be stuck. Timely operation of the magnet displacement: Select the sensor of Cimin Hall in time. If the rectangular magnet and the small ring of the reducer with camshaft change, it will lead to inaccuracy in time.

Accurate adjustment without rotation can solve the problem. Turn off the power overload protector, turn off the power: when the partial adjustment of the gate fails, the automatic protector of the gate will work automatically. At this time, the pole stops at the upper part of the slope, the power supply of the main switch is disconnected, and the equipment does not work.

At this time, open the equipment door, rotate the large drive belt clockwise for 3-8 turns, and recover when going on the platform. If it fails to return to normal after so many times, please check whether the Hall sensor and the circuit board are invalid. The adjusting nut of the pull-down hook is loose: the M10 pull-down hook on the internal and external threads of the main box is used to pull the balance organizational spring and adjust the balance zero.

It is equipped with two M10 hexagon nuts and a self-locking nut. If the nut is loose, the equipment will produce impact sound and imbalance during operation. Although the equipment can still operate after the balance is unbalanced.

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