How to deal with the rust of the channel gate?


If the access gate is installed in some outdoor places, it will easily rust. If there is no good anti-rust knowledge, rust will occur in daily use. Rust will greatly reduce the service life of the access gate.

1. Applied in the community treatment method: usually wipe with a sponge or cloth, plus neutral detergent or soapy water, the rust can be easily removed, and then scrub with clean water again. It should be noted that the lotion solution should not be left on it.

As long as the corresponding cleaning work is done in time, it can be easily maintained, the effect is obvious, and the cleaning cost is low. 2. Applied in coastal areas.

Treatment method: use a sponge or cloth plus a neutral detergent or soapy water to scrub, so that the rust can be easily removed, and finally scrub it with clean water. Note Also, be careful not to leave the cleaning solution on the smart access control gate equipment. In fact, the effect is as obvious and easy to operate.

3. The rust treatment method of the gate caused by hand dirt or fingerprints: as long as it is wiped with a neutral detergent but not cleaned, it can be stained with an organic solvent (alcohol, light oil, acetone, etc.) with a sponge or cloth.

etc.) to wipe, easy to operate, you can go rust.

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