How to choose the gate from the grade of the gate?


Barriers are the most important equipment in parking lot management, and the price of barriers is also an important factor for users to consider when choosing and purchasing. As the executive body of vehicle management, its material and durability directly determine the quality and stability of the barrier. The road gate directly faces the owner and has a great impact on user satisfaction.

How to choose the gate from the grade of the gate? Low-grade barrier gate: The resist barrier gate refers to the product that has the basic lifting function of the barrier gate, but does not require high durability, beautiful movement and fast lifting speed. Generally used in lower-end residential areas and small parking lots, the cost is relatively low. This product has slightly lower requirements in terms of performance and durability, so the manufacturer only provides a one-year warranty or replacement spare parts, no other services are included.

In terms of service life, some machines even use motors made of aluminum wire, and the lowest end is a worm gear reducer, so their service life is basically about one year. The lifting speed is also relatively low, the lifting time is about 3-5 seconds, and some manufacturers have a greater risk of forcing it to increase to about 2 seconds. In general, the price of such a product is equivalent to a cheap household appliance that does not meet the growing needs of users.

High-grade barriers: high-grade barriers are barrier products designed for product performance, stability and durability. It is usually used in various places where vehicle management requirements are high. For example, highways, shopping centers, industrial and logistics parks, government agencies, airport stations, and large or high-end residential complexes.

High-grade gates generally use integrated variable-frequency torque motors and built-in multi-stage reducers, which are suitable for high-frequency, heavy-load, long-term stable operation. Due to the use of advanced frequency conversion technology, the lifting speed of the brake lever is relatively fast (1-3 seconds), the movement is stable, and the performance does not rebound, and the performance also meets the various high standards of users. Such barriers are usually produced by large formal enterprises, compared to resist barriers.

Its selection of materials and technical content is unparalleled. Relatively speaking, the price of the door will be higher, but compared to its 5-10 years life and faster speed, better user experience, it is still worth it.

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