How to choose the barrier gate for the parking lot management system?


As a key part of the parking lot system equipment, the road gate is very important to many purchasers. When buying a road gate, the first thing to determine is what the use environment is like. Today we will describe how to choose the barrier for the parking lot management system (what software and hardware are required for the parking lot barrier system)? 1.

The most direct method is to actually operate the alternative gates and check the differences between the gates, such as whether they are balanced and stable. Is the noise loud or not. What is the take-off and landing speed? How many remote control methods are there? Actual operation several times , you can basically judge the advantages and disadvantages of several gates.

2. Check whether the parking lot system equipment has a production license, which manufacturer left the factory, and how long the warranty is. These are all factors that affect the price of the barrier gate.

The general quality of the brand is guaranteed, and they have information on the quality of the barrier gate, and the warranty period is relatively long. 3. Check the appearance quality of the gate, whether it is waterproof and lightningproof, whether it is durable, whether the design is reasonable and beautiful, and whether it can work normally in harsh environments such as high temperature and cold.

4. Check the function of the barrier gate, which anti-smashing vehicle functions, emergency situations such as power failure, etc., whether the manual operation is convenient, and whether the vehicle entry and exit information can be recorded in the offline state.

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