How to choose high-quality full-height turnstiles?


When selecting a full-height turnstile, the following aspects must be paid attention to according to its product characteristics: 1. Firm and impact-resistant: The components such as the rotating rod and the outfield guardrail must be firm and can bear a large striking force. 2.

Safety factor: Under all circumstances, it is necessary to prevent the audience from being locked in the gate and cannot enter or exit. A complete set of detailed strain rate system is required in the basic design concept. It is the larger focus of the full-height turnstile.

3. The net weight of the swivel arm is high and the inertial force is large. When the swivel arm is in time, it can prevent the occurrence of shock.

4. Credibility: The credibility of the full-height gate is determined by the credibility of various components of the application scene itself and its integration method. The selection of cost-effective components is the basic, such as display screen, basic device, SD card reader, etc.

The integration method depends on the design concept of the control module, motor selection and communication method. The presence or absence of lightning protection components also determines the reliability of machinery and equipment. 5.

Rotational service life: The fitness movement components will be damaged, and the motor selection of the core area component design concept should be fair. 6. The glass fiber reinforced plastic material above the barcode SD card reader: the upper side of the barcode SD card reader must be completely transparent.

The cost of using a plexiglass plate is low, and it can be produced, processed and installed casually. However, after several votes, the laminated glass will be damaged and rough. , which affects the loading speed and accuracy of the barcode, so it is necessary to choose wear-resistant quartz glass to ensure its high efficiency.

7. Ticket checking rate: The large total traffic of the gate, and the ticket checking rate is a key indicator value. The speed of ticket checking depends on the operation method of the gate, the method of communication and connection to the network, the processing software of ticket checking, and the action speed of mechanical equipment.

Usually, the response time of the gate is within 500ms, which is a key indicator value to ensure high efficiency.

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