How to choose an access gate?


The difference between swing gate and wing gate? Nowadays, there are more and more pedestrian gates, and many customers do not know the difference between swing gates and wing gates. Besides the difference in how the gate looks and how it opens, what are the bigger differences? Which is better, teach you how to choose the access gate. 1.

The appearance has strong plasticity, various box shapes, rich types of blocking materials, and beautiful appearance. It is often used in high-end occasions such as office buildings, intelligent buildings, and clubs; 2. The width of the channel is large, generally between 550mm-1000mm, and can reach 1500mm.

The swing door can be closed after people or objects pass through. The traffic speed is slow, which is more suitable for pedestrians or bicycles with luggage, and can also be used for special passages for people with reduced mobility; 3. There is no mechanical collision during the operation of the swing gate, with low noise and durability; Wing gate features: which one is better, teach you how to choose an access gate.

1. The traffic speed is fast, and it is suitable for places with large traffic, such as subways; 2. Beautiful appearance and variety of gate wing materials; 3.

In case of emergency, the brake wings will be quickly retracted into the box to facilitate the formation of barrier-free passages, improve the passing speed, and facilitate the evacuation of pedestrians. Although it is a gate, there are still some differences in the usage scenarios of swing gates, and customers can choose according to their advantages and usage scenarios. The swing gate is suitable for occasions that require a large passage width, including occasions where pedestrians or bicycles carry a lot of luggage, and passageways with limited mobility.

It is also suitable for occasions with high requirements on aesthetics. The wing gates are not completely closed. If it is placed outdoors, it is easy to bring rainwater into the chassis in rainy days, affecting the service life.

Therefore, the wing gate is suitable for indoor occasions with a large flow of people such as subways, office buildings, canteens, railway station ticket offices, etc. It is also suitable for occasions with high requirements on aesthetics. In addition to the above, the price of pedestrian access doors also has certain differences.

Customers should choose according to their actual needs. The door that suits them is the best!.

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