How should three roller gates be selected when they are used in construction sites?


When the three-roller gate is installed on an outdoor construction site, the selection of the three-roller gate should pay attention to impact resistance and electronic access control adaptation. The exterior material of the three-roll gate should not be careless, etc. In fact, the following should be paid attention to: 1.

The appearance is firm. The three-roller gate on the construction site is meant to be strong. The appearance should be easy to use and beautiful, firm and resistant to impact.

It is inevitable that there will be stumbles in the construction site work, and it will not be able to block people if it is not firm. 2. The exterior materials are better.

The three-roller gate for outdoor applications must be made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. Xiangtongbao three-roller gate decisively uses high-quality 304 stainless steel as the casing, which is very good to ensure that the exterior does not corrode, even outdoors. The construction site is fine.

3. Motor control has safety protection measures, motor control has waterproof box, outdoor application should pay attention to water leakage and short circuit fault, must add waterproof box, many manufacturers do not install waterproof box in order to be cost-effective, there is no doubt that Xiangtongbao three-roller turnstile There are installed ones, which can be very good with safety protection effect. There are also controllers that must have wire connectors so that the safety is correct.

It is necessary to do that. When choosing a three-roller gate, you must choose a root manufacturer such as Xiangtongbao. 4.

The system software is stable, and the management method is the construction site access control system to see if there are many people coming and going. The LED display on the construction site clearly records the entry and exit status of each group. Managers can accurately understand the working conditions of all construction sites, which is convenient for management.

Background management can also search in real time, and access is stable.

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