How should I choose when buying a turnstile?


When we choose turnstiles, we must understand the appearance, function, channel size, and price of different turnstiles. Commonly used are three-roller turnstiles, swing turnstiles, wing turnstiles, and translation turnstiles. The three-roller gate is aimed at the occasions where the flow of people is controlled.

One person passes through at a time; the swing gate and the wing gate are mostly used in office buildings. 1. The automatic gate system architecture is divided into three parts 1.

The part of face collection and certificate production; it is mainly used to model and store the identity information and face information of the incoming person through photo information or camera collection information, and is used for the production of certificate information. 2. Face recognition and gate triggering part; mainly collect the face information of the people who will pass through the pedestrian gate through IP cameras, and compare it with the information of the people in the library.

If the recognition result is correct, the gate will be opened, allowing the pass through . If there is no person's face information in the library, you can open the gate by swiping the card. 3.

Face recognition results statistics and large-screen display; save face recognition results, provide statistical analysis functions, and can display on-site face recognition status and query recognition results through a large screen. 2. Functional design of face recognition gate and witness comparison automatic gate system 1.

Personnel basic information management Collect face information of personnel and register information such as certificates, departments and positions in a fixed place, and produce certificates with basic information collected through card issuers. Manage the basic information of staff: including facial information, ID number, department, etc., which can be indexed, arranged, and queried with different parameters, and can generate staff information reports.

2. IP camera management You can manage IP cameras, such as modifying IP addresses, modifying device numbers, and enabling acquisition and identification functions. 3.

Face recognition management Realize the face recognition comparison of the people who need to enter the gate, display the recognition results through the industrial display, and save the recognition results. 4. Gate start management Realize the matching, management, and opening times of turnstiles are bound with face recognition or card recognition records, and unified query statistics.

5. System expansion interface The system provides development interfaces with other business systems in enterprises and institutions, realizing the combined use of facial recognition attendance system and other business systems, facilitating business management of production sites and improving work efficiency. 6.

Query statistical reports The system can query and count the attendance information of the staff, and generate corresponding work reports, providing information decision support for the unit to further provide targeted work attendance management.

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