how much does an access control system cost


Access control systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial buildings and residential properties as they provide an enhanced level of security, offer convenience, and help save time. They are essential for controlling who gains access to a building or specific areas within a building. Now, one question that lingers in many minds is how much does an access control system cost? In this article, we'll be discussing the various factors that affect the price of an access control system.

What is an access control system?

An access control system refers to a security mechanism that enables restriction, control, and monitoring of people's movement within a specific area. They are electronic systems that use identification techniques to authenticate a person before allowing them access into an area.

So, how much does an access control system cost?

Access control systems vary in price depending on several factors which we'll go in-depth into; however, a basic system for a single entrance can cost anywhere from $1,500, whereas an advanced, multi-faceted system can cost up to $35,000 or more.

Factors that Affect the Cost of an Access Control System

Several factors affect the cost of an access control system, which we'll discuss below:

1. The type of access control system

There are several types of access control systems, including keypad access control systems, card access control systems, biometric access control systems, and wireless access control systems. Each of these systems has its unique features that contribute to its price. For instance, biometric systems are more expensive than keypad systems as they include fingerprint readers, facial recognition software, and retina scans. Also, wireless systems tend to be on the high side as they are more convenient than wired systems and have more features.

2. The size of the building

The size of the building to be secured is another important factor that influences the cost of an access control system. The more significant the building, the more devices and equipment required, which can drive up the price of the access control system.

3. The number of doors and entry points

Another factor that affects the cost of an access control system is the number of doors and entry points to be secured. The more doors and entry points require a more extensive system and more devices, which inevitably increases the price of the system.

4. The level of security required

Depending on the level of security required, the cost of an access control system can vary. A basic access control system with a keypad reader may not be sufficient for a government building or high-security area, which requires a more advanced system with biometric or card readers for maximum security.

5. Additional features

Several additional features come with access control systems, such as CCTV cameras, intercom systems, and alarm systems. The addition of these features will increase the cost of the access control system.

In conclusion, the cost of an access control system heavily depends on several factors, as would have been noticed from the above. Therefore, before you decide to invest in one, it's crucial to seek professional advice and get a proper assessment of your needs and budget. Bear in mind that the investment is worth it and is a small price to pay when it comes to securing your peace of mind and property.


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