How much do you know about the three roller gate system?


Three-roller gates are generally classified into fully automatic and mechanical three-roller gates. The function can realize the effective authorization of standardized management. It is used for effective personnel management in residential areas or scenic spots.

Generally speaking, it presents safety, stability, accuracy, intelligence, High-speed performance. Three roller gate system function: 1. The fully automatic three-roller gate will automatically raise the pole after it is powered on, and automatically drop the pole after the power is turned off to control whether the gate is opened or closed 2.

Automatically rotate at a certain angle to realize one-time passage for one person 3. It has the function of self-check and automatic alarm 4. Realize the function of automatic counting according to the needs 5.

The traffic direction can be set automatically Three roller gate system performance: 1. The bearing force of the rod in all directions 2. The driving force of the whole machine (locked state) 3.

The firmness of rod and disc 4. The advancement of intelligent detection and alarm functions 5. Anti-reverse 6.

Failure rate Three roller gate installation: The general installation process of the three-roller gate is simply divided into the fixing of the gate chassis, equipment connection, equipment debugging, and equipment inspection. After installation, regular maintenance and maintenance, abnormal situation detection, equipment upgrade, and equipment maintenance should be carried out. Applications: Because of the relatively low price of tripod turnstiles in residential areas, for occasions with relatively low budgets, residential areas, scenic spots, construction sites, gymnasiums, etc.

are often used to control one person at a time.

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