how door access control system works


How Door Access Control System Works

Door access control systems are devices used to restrict access to specific areas. These systems typically involve a computerized control panel, various types of locking mechanisms, and identification devices such as keypads or card readers. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how door access control systems work, their components, and their benefits.

Components of Door Access Control Systems

1. Control Panel

The control panel in a door access control system is the hub of the system. It is typically installed in a secure location, such as a server room, and it controls the flow of data between the different components of the system.

2. Locking Mechanisms

The locking mechanism is the device that actually secures the door. There are a few different types of locking mechanisms used in door access control systems, but the most common are electronic locks and electromechanical locks.

3. Identification Devices

Identification devices are used to verify a person's identity before allowing access. These devices include keypads, card readers, biometric scanners, and even smartphones.

4. Power Supply

Door access control systems require a steady supply of power to function. Typically, this power is supplied by a local source, such as a transformer or battery backup.

5. Software

The software used in a door access control system is typically proprietary and specifically designed by the manufacturer. It is installed on the central control panel and is used to manage the system's various settings and user accounts.

How Door Access Control Systems Work

1. Authentication

When a person wants to enter a secured area, they must first present their credentials to the identification device. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as swiping a keycard, entering a PIN code, or scanning a fingerprint.

2. Verification

Once the authentication process is complete, the identification device sends the person's credentials to the control panel for verification. The system checks to make sure the person is authorized to enter the area and that their credentials are correct.

3. Access Control

If the person's credentials are verified, the control panel sends a signal to the locking mechanism to release the door. The person now has access to the secured area.

4. Logging

Every time a person enters or exits a secured area, the door access control system logs the event. This allows administrators to keep track of who is entering and leaving a specific area at any given time.

Benefits of Door Access Control Systems

1. Increased Security

Door access control systems provide a higher level of security than traditional lock and key systems. It is much more difficult for an unauthorized person to gain access to a secured area with a door access control system in place.

2. Improved Record Keeping

With the logging functionality of door access control systems, organizations can keep track of who is entering and exiting specific areas. This can be useful for monitoring employee attendance, managing visitor access, and investigating security breaches.

3. Flexibility

Door access control systems can be customized to fit the needs of any organization. For example, different users can be granted different levels of access, and access can be restricted by time of day, day of the week, or even individual days.

4. Remote Access

With the use of secure remote access technology, authorized personnel can manage the door access control system from anywhere in the world.

5. Cost-Effective

While door access control systems can be expensive to install, they offer significant cost savings over time. Traditional lock and key systems require regular maintenance, and lost keys can be costly to replace. Door access control systems eliminate these issues and require minimal maintenance over time.


Door access control systems are a vital part of modern security. By restricting access to specific areas, these systems provide a higher level of security than traditional lock and key systems while also providing increased flexibility and cost savings. With their ability to integrate with other security systems, door access control systems are a valuable investment for any organization looking to improve their security posture.


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