How does the automatic gate check tickets?


Automatic ticket gates not only evacuate crowds in public places, but also have a ticket checking function. The automatic ticket gate is a channel blocking device (channel management device) that manages the flow of people and regulates the entry and exit of pedestrians. Automatic ticket gates are mainly used in subway gate systems, toll gate systems, scenic ticket gate systems, etc.

Its most basic and core function is to pass only one person at a time and can be used for various expenses. Entrance passage in the place where the gate is prohibited. The automatic ticket gate is a specific application of the combination of turnstiles and ticketing systems.

1. The working principle of automatic ticket gate. According to the different movement control modes, automatic ticket gates are divided into mechanical, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Some manufacturers refer to semi-automatic as electric and fully automatic as automatic. The mechanical type is to manually control the operation of obstacles (connected with the movement), and the mechanical limit controls the stop of the movement; the semi-automatic type is to control the movement and stop by the electromagnet; the automatic type is to control the movement and stop of the movement by the motor. Automatic ticket gates further control the opening and closing of obstacles by controlling the running and stopping of motion.

According to the number of motions and obstacles contained in the same gate, the gate can be divided into single motion (including one motion and one obstacle) and double motion (including two motions and two obstacles, in the form of left-right symmetry ). 2. The difference between automatic ticket gates and ordinary gates.

The performance of the gates and gates can be very low, because the gates are not strictly prohibited from swiping cards. Even if there is no response after swiping the card, you can swipe the card a second time. As long as the gate is open, the automatic ticket gate is completely different.

Before checking in, the gates are required to be in good condition. If the gate is not in good condition, for example, someone is checking tickets on the opposite side. People standing in the alarm area should not deduct fees and give corresponding prompts.

From the outside, the interface of the ticket gate is generally the communication interface of the RS232.TCP/IP protocol, which is controlled by the command or the gate development package, while the gate prohibition gate is generally controlled by the level signal; secondly, the automatic ticket gate can generally be Equipped with a two-way LCD screen to display ticket information, but the gate is not required, and the indicator light cannot even be omitted. In addition, the opening and closing speed of automatic ticket gates responds quickly, while the gate prohibition gate can be relatively slow.

However, there are also the gates and prohibition gates transformed into ticket gates, some need to add an intermediate conversion board, and some need to replace the controller. Generally speaking, do not easily convert the gates to the ticket gates, because the stability is poor, and it is time-consuming and expensive. 3.

How to use the automatic gates in scenic parks to check tickets? 1. Scan the QR code and go through the gate. Scan the QR code of the gate ticket printed on the paper gate ticket/amusement wristband, or the QR code of the electronic gate ticket generated after purchasing the ticket online.

When entering the park, point the QR code at the QR code scanning port of the gate, scan the code, and open the gate to pass; 2. Swipe your ID card to pass the gate. Visitors can carry their personal ID with them.

Note: Before entering the park, tourists must successfully purchase tickets online in advance and enter their ID number; 3. Face recognition through the gate. Just like the ID card passing through the gate, tourists must enter their personal face information in the scenic WeChat mall in advance.

When checking tickets, you only need to identify the most accurate face gate camera through the gate, and then the gate can be opened (Note: not all gates have face recognition function, you can consult Xiangtongbao Technology, Xiangtongbao Technology focuses on a complete set of solutions for scenic park transportation management); 4. Flash payment at the gate. Visitors can directly open WeChat.

Alipay payment code, scan the gate QR code to pay.

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