how does sky harbor airport new overnight parking system work



Sky Harbor Airport: An Introduction

As one of the busiest airports in the nation, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has always been on the forefront of technological advancements to improve customer experience. A significant part of that experience is efficient parking availability for passengers. The airport recently implemented a state-of-the-art overnight parking system, and since then, many passengers have been curious about how it works, and if it’s as efficient as promised. In this article, we’ll delve into the technicalities of how this system works and its benefits for travelers.

Understanding the Overnight Parking System

The overnight parking system at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport works by utilizing an advanced RFID technology. This technology uses radio signals to read a small electronic chip embedded in each Park & Zoom parking space at the airport. These chips are placed inside the surface of the asphalt, and as cars roll in and out of the parking spots, the transponder on the windshield reads the code on the chip, automatically activating the payment process.

Benefits of the New System

The implementation of this technology at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport provides several benefits for travelers. The most significant benefit is the reduced waiting time for entry and exit from the parking lot. Unlike the traditional system, where vehicles had to stop at a payment booth to pay parking fees, this new system works automatically, allowing for a seamless entry and exit. The system also provides greater capacity for parking, which translates into more efficient use of airport space, and maximizing revenue for the airport.

How the Technology Works

The Park & Zoom parking lot at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is equipped with an array of antennas that are mounted on poles or embedded in the pavement to ensure that security and parking fees are accurately assessed. These antennas communicate with the RFID tag in the car’s transponder, which sends a signal to the system to charge the parking fee to the card on file.

Parking Process with RFID Technology

When a passenger enters the parking lot, they should follow the signs indicating the available parking spaces. Once they have located a vacant parking spot, the passenger simply parks their vehicle within the boundaries of the designated parking space. As the vehicle parks over the RFID chip, the system detects the tag on the transponder and prepares to charge the pre-authorized parking fee. The system then sends an email receipt to the car owner’s registered email address.

Exiting the Parking Lot

When the passenger returns to their vehicle and prepares to leave the parking lot, the RFID technology automatically calculates the parking fee and charges the credit card on file. It also sends an email receipt to the individual's registered email address, and the boom gate lifts to allow the vehicle to exit.


The RFID technology implemented in the Park & Zoom overnight parking system at Sky Harbor Airport is an innovative solution that streamlines the parking process for passengers. Apart from the significant benefits of reduced waiting times and increased capacity for parking, this technology also provides greater control for the airport to maximize their revenue. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved: the airport, the parking operator, and most importantly, the passengers. So, the next time you fly out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, enjoy a stress-free parking experience with the RFID system.


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