General features of channel gates


Anti-tailing function: There is a common infrared light band detection area in the channel, and the switch state can be adjusted by software according to the customer's precision requirements to adapt to different needs. follower of . When the system determines that tailgating occurs, the system will react according to the valid cardholder's location returned by the infrared detector.

After the door opening signal is sent out, there are still some abnormal uses that will trigger the alarm system. Abnormal usage: 1. When the gate is closed, the reverse intrusion pedestrian enters the channel after the authorized door opening signal is issued.

Before passing through the first safety photoelectric detection zone, if the reverse traffic infrared inspection detects that someone has entered, the buzzer will automatically alarm and the gate will remain open. closure. 2.

Pedestrians intrude in the opposite direction when they leave. The pedestrians pass through the second infrared sensing area. If there is no legal door opening signal, the second safe infrared sensing area detects that someone has entered.

The alarm system sends out an alarm, and the door will not be closed. 3. The first detector of the bodyguard detects a pedestrian to the last detector when he leaves the first safety infrared induction belt.

The time gap is about 0.25 seconds. When the signal is not issued to open the door, the first infrared sensing area detects pedestrians (followers) again, and the alarm sounds for a long time.

4. After following pedestrians into the infrared sensing area, the first person to check that there is an unauthorized intrusion, the gate will be closed immediately, and the alarm will sound for a long time.

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