Full height gate installation steps


The full-height revolving door consists of a chassis and 3 or 4 rows of rotating rods, which can be used to discourage or release by rotating 120 or 90 each time. Full-height revolving doors can be divided into mechanical full-height revolving doors, semi-automatic full-height revolving doors and fully automatic full-height revolving doors. Full-height revolving doors classification includes mechanical full-height revolving doors and semi-automatic full-height revolving doors.

Structural dimension of full-height turnstile: The mechanical system of the gate consists of chassis and movement. The chassis consists of columns, guardrails and chassis. Movement consists of motor reducer, encoder, electromagnet and rotating rod.

Gate size: box height 2 meters 3, width 1 meters 63. Full height revolving door installation tutorial. In addition to the usual tools needed to prepare a turnstile, installation of a full-height turnstile includes a hex key, a Phillips screwdriver, and a socket wrench.

Auxiliary parts should be selected according to the packing list. At the same time, in addition to drilling holes after determining the hole position, N*13M10 expansion bolts should also be embedded. The specific installation steps are as follows: Put the multi-sided frame, single-sided frame, and top box first.

Start assembly with the round case and bottom bracket ready. Put the top box on, pay attention to the direction of the top box. Put the bottom bracket in the normal position.

Install the brake lever on the bottom bracket, paying attention to the direction of the brake lever. After installing the rotary gate lever, push it as a whole. The non-circular shield is installed on the top box, and then the position of the brake lever is aligned and pushed in.

Then put on the round shield. Install a single-sided frame. Check that the top box is installed parallel.

The three fixed vacancies of the bottom bracket are well marked. The 12 vacancies on the frame are well marked. After marking the position, dismantle it as a whole, then drill holes for expansion screws, and finally assemble and fix.

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