Five common entrance and exit gates and their applicable scenarios


Entrance and exit gates are very common in our daily life, also known as speed gates. Of course, this refers to the gate equipment used for people to pass, not the vehicle gates used in parking lots. The gates are used in some important public places.

The safety regulations of the company have played a vital role, such as office buildings, schools, factories, customs, scenic spots, exhibition halls, supermarkets, government agencies and other occasions may use access gates. So for the purchase of entrance and exit gates, it is a headache for Party A, engineering companies or integrators. This article will show you which gates are mostly used.

The entrance and exit gates are mainly divided into five categories: three-roller gates, swing gates, wing gates, rotary gates, and translation gates. 1. The three-roller gate consists of three poles, the standard length of the pole is 1250px, and the gap of the pole can only accommodate one person.

It is suitable for one-way or two-way control of people flow, and the traffic speed is average. Three-roller turnstiles are generally used in occasions where the blocking requirements are not high and the access control with a low level of dissuasion is required. It is widely used in the attendance system of factories, the consumption system of public institutions, the access control management of residential areas, the ticket checking system of scenic spots and other venues, and the attendance system management of construction sites.

According to the actual needs of specific occasions, the three-roller gate can be configured with different identification systems (ID card, IC card, barcode, palm shape, fingerprint, iris, etc.). The three-roller gate adopts the vertical drop rod method.

When the gate rod is dropped, a barrier-free pedestrian passage can be formed, which is convenient for the evacuation of personnel in emergency situations and provides a guarantee for the safety of passage. 2. The general channel width of the wing gate is 650mm, which is suitable for one-way or two-way control of people flow, and has the characteristics of fast passing speed.

Mainly used for pedestrian channel management; it has the characteristics of quick opening, safety and convenience, and is an ideal management and dredging device for pedestrians with high frequency access channels; It has been widely used in airports, subway stations, stations, wharfs, scenic spots, parks, units, etc. It can cooperate with smart cards to realize the function of offline ticketing management system and form unattended management of personnel entry and exit. 3.

Swing gate Swing gate is a gate equipment with strong plasticity for all channel gates. The material of the swing gate and the width of the channel can be customized. It is suitable for one-way or two-way control of the flow of people and vehicles (electric vehicles, tricycles), the most commonly used Occasions are office buildings and corporate buildings, where pedestrians, people with luggage, and people with disabilities are allowed to pass.

Considering that the swing gate can achieve wider channel characteristics than the wing gate. Most of the swing gate passages can be mixed with pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds, handicapped vehicles and other non-motorized vehicles. 4.

Turnstiles Turnstiles are generally used in high security situations to achieve unattended functions, such as: gymnasiums, exhibition halls, stations, communities, etc. are the most common. 5.

Sliding gate The translation gate is also known as the sliding gate, also known as the full-height wing gate. It is a special mechanical device for the control of personnel access rights, and can also be used with other types of pedestrian access gates; it has a wide range of applications, high-end styles, more stable performance, lower noise, fast running speed, and anti-crossing functions. , but the price is high enough, it is very popular in high-end places; such as group-type corporate buildings, with precise logic sensors, it can truly achieve one person, one card and one gate.

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