Five advantages of speed gate


With the matching of various system software, the application of speed gates has gradually become more widely used. Different types of gates are required for different entrances and exits. For example: speed gates such as tripod gates, swing gates, and wing gates of stadiums, campuses, enterprises, large factories, and office buildings.

While effectively helping staff reduce work pressure, they control the flow of people and ensure the safety of traffic. The five advantages of the speed gate: 1. Speed gates are widely used.

Speed gates are mainly used for pedestrian passages and automatic fare collection management, such as government agencies, enterprises and institutions, libraries, residential quarters, office buildings, factories, stations, scenic spots, leisure and entertainment places, etc. The available range of speed gates is still expanding, and the prospects are bright. 2.

The speed gate integrates various security high-tech technologies, which can provide users with fast, safe and efficient two-way controlled access doors. The speed gate uses authorization to control and restrict the entry and exit of personnel, and uses complex anti-tailgating tracking control technology, which can quickly and accurately determine whether someone is following up. The speed pass door can strictly prevent the entry of unauthorized personnel, and then realize the strict and effective management of the passing personnel, and truly realize the security and security functions of the passage door.

3. The speed gate has excellent control ability. The control technology of speed gate products is at the leading level among similar gate products, giving users a sense of trustworthiness and a sense of security that can be fully satisfied.

4. The speed gate is more practical. The speed pass gate uses a non-contact smart IC card, also known as a radio frequency card, which successfully solves the problems of multi-purpose, confidentiality, no wear, and easy operation of the IC card, greatly improves the practicability of the system, and can perform multiple functions on one card.

Once authorized, the anti-tailgating gate can be used for other aspects of application management. Such as attendance, visitors, consumption, parking management, patrol, personnel and so on. 5.

The speed pass door is convenient for capacity expansion. The computer and the intelligent management system adopt wireless communication, and the speed pass door can expand the number of channels at will. That is, after the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of speed gates and elevator control equipment needs to be increased according to the needs, the hardware only needs to add the corresponding access gate, and the software can set the newly added equipment.

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