Features and applicable places of automatic three-roller gate


Features of automatic three-roller gate: 1. Ultra-quiet design: The machine adopts the third-generation silent design, running smoothly without impact noise; 2. Super bright traffic indication function: The direction indication adopts super bright LED light design, the indication is more eye-catching; 3.

Compatible with IC, ID, magnetic card, barcode card, anti-static and other control equipment; 4. Automatic passing function: After reading the card, the gate lever will automatically run at a certain angle and then unlocked, and the gate will automatically drive people to pass through; 5. Power-on automatic pole-up function: the gate will automatically rotate three times after power-on, allowing the gate pole to automatically go up without manual operation; 6.

Multiple working mode functions: The gate can be set to normally open and normally closed two working modes by setting the switch; 7. Anti-collision function: when the pedestrian does not swipe the card to push the brake lever, the brake is locked; 8. Automatic reset function: if the card is not passed within the specified time after swiping the card, the gate will return to its original position to cancel the pass, and the time can be adjusted within 60 seconds; 9.

With power failure emergency function: the power failure gate automatically drops the rod to meet the fire protection requirements; 10. With standard input and output interfaces, it is the best choice for system integrators. Three roller gates.

Applicable places: 1. Office premises: commercial buildings, government offices, etc.; 2.

Science and education units: colleges, research institutes, libraries, etc.; 3. Commercial service places: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks, etc.

; 4. Leisure and entertainment places: parks, scenic spots, playgrounds, etc.; 5.

Transportation sites: bus stations, railway stations, subway stations, airports, etc.

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