Face recognition channel gate has many advantages


Facial recognition channel gate identification is better. Through the intervention of face recognition technology, pedestrian passages can become more accurate and reliable in identifying identities. It also avoids the trouble caused by being blocked because the passers-by forget to bring their documents.

The face recognition channel gate has a higher safety factor. Through the comparison of the blacklist of face photos, it is easy to judge whether the passer-by is qualified for safe passage, and avoid the passage of pedestrians who use other people's ID cards. At the same time, it can also judge whether it is a fugitive, etc.

, and reduce the security risks brought by the corresponding area. The face recognition channel gate is more convenient and faster. The face recognition pedestrian access gate is non-compulsory, non-contact and has strong parallel release in the recognition process, bringing more convenient and faster intelligent management to property managers in application scenarios.

Through face recognition, it not only reduces the trouble caused by people's contact identification in the safe channel, but also makes people's passage more efficient through quick identification. Face recognition access gates make property management more intelligent. The face recognition pedestrian gate can sort, judge and identify multiple faces in actual application scenarios, which not only enables the corresponding property to realize the authority management of the application scene, but also makes the corresponding property management more convenient, efficient and intelligent.

The face recognition access gate can help enterprises, schools and other places to easily realize attendance attendance and payment by face recognition. Face attendance attendance and face payment will be one of the application trends of future technological development, and face recognition technology will be able to easily realize these functions after being applied to pedestrian passage gates, which cannot be possessed by other types of pedestrian passage gates.

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